Recycling Services


The Salinas Valley has a large number of AG related businesses where Cardboard, Plastic and Metals are generated. Salad Processing Facilities, Growers, Shippers, Farms, Ranches and Commercial businesses make up a large part of our customer base.

Over the last 5 years our company has directed our focus on servicing the Salinas Valley AG businesses and have been rewarded with great relationships forged in the Sun, Wind and Rain of this beautiful Monterey County, California area.

We have steadily grown our Ag recycling division by offering competitive rebates on the Recycled items as well as providing a Dumpster Service that tailors to the unique AG business hours needed to service these accounts.

Drip tape and Green House Plastic recycling has been added as additional items we Recycle to further assist the local Ag Companies in their efforts to divert from our landfills.